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Freight Management Systems Evolves from Desktop to Cloud with Mertech Services

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 1, 2018 5:25:00 PM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc.

  Mertech Data Systems, Inc.

Freight Management Systems CEO Henry Sheldon knows software's future is in the Cloud. But when it came time to evolve his company's applications from desktop to Cloud, Henry needed help. He turned to Mertech's transformative consulting services team, who quickly created a Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service application, utilizing FMS's existing codebase.

Mertech Services Provided

Application Architecture
UX|UI Design
Cloud Infrastructure
Mobile Responsive
3rd Party Integrtions

Freight Management Systems

About FMS

Freight Management Systems is a leading software development company specializing in transportation management systems and transportation logistics software. FMS prides itself on producing incredible transportation management software and providing unparalleled customer support.

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Embracing Cloud-Based Evolution

Henry Sheldon knows his company’s future is in the Cloud.

“And I don’t mean just running my desktop application from a Windows Cloud instance,” says Sheldon, President of Freight Management Systems (FMS). “I mean a true, cloud-based software with beautiful UI, that runs on any device and scales with our business. That’s what our customers are demanding.”

For software vendors like Henry, who develop Windows desktop applications, transitioning to the Cloud is easier said than done. Thousands of software vendors around the world face this same challenge: How to cost-effectively transition from Windows to the Cloud?

“The reality is, we have to invest in a Cloud solution while still developing, maintaining, and supporting our existing customers running on Windows desktops,” says Sheldon. “For a small independent software vendor (ISV) like us, that’s a huge challenge.”

Moving fully to the Cloud is a challenge, but one that small to mid-sized ISVs must overcome. If they don’t, they’ll lose out to companies who do. That’s why partners like Mertech, who can connect technologies from past and present, are so valuable for companies like FMS.


“Fortunately for us, we had the Mertech services team and their Thriftly API platform to help us bridge the gap between the desktop and the Cloud. Mertech developed a solution quickly, in a way that required significantly less investment than our own attempts.”

Henry Sheldon
Freight Management Systems


Reusing Old Code to Create the New

Mertech’s application architects began their work by examining FMS’s existing code and offerings. By leveraging this code as part of their new Cloud solution, instead of rewriting or replacing it, the Mertech services team was able to save FMS countless hours of programming time.

“Rewriting our code for a full, cloud-based solution would have easily taken us more than five to six years,” says Sheldon. “We wouldn’t have been relevant in the market by then. But Mertech's approach, of leveraging our existing codebase to create API-driven architecture, allowed us to go to market in less than a year.”

Using Thriftly, the Mertech services team converted FMS’s existing business logic and codebase into APIs, preserving existing dependencies as well as relationships between modules and third-party components, while also making everything accessible from the web. This preservation allowed FMS’s Cloud application to function seamlessly alongside their on-premise Windows offerings and their customers’ SQL databases, keeping current customers happy while launching FMS into the future. And while our application architects created the backbone of FMS’s new Cloud application, our design team overhauled FMS’s existing UI, ensuring customers would see the change in FMS’s offerings.

FMS’s application, before and after Mertech’s transformative consulting services


A Cost-Effective Cloud Transition

Now, FMS has a new, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service application, allowing them to enter new markets and meet their existing customers’ demands. All with minimal code changes, zero headaches, and little investment, thanks to Mertech services and Thriftly.


“We built our services team, and Thriftly, with a specific goal in mind: to help ISVs evolve their desktop applications into Cloud applications. We understand the challenges ISVs face when moving to the Cloud, and we recognize that not all ISVs have the resources to do so by themselves.”

- Riaz Merchant, Mertech CEO

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