5 Must-Read Resources to Help IT Managers Prepare for GDPR

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 12, 2018 5:16:14 PM / by Amanda McCluney posted in DataFlex, Btrieve, DevOps, Databases

With the May 25th deadline looming closer, it’s easy to find resources on the topic of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and what it will mean for organizations around the globe. In fact, a search query now yields so many results that it becomes overwhelming trying to sort through them all; some facts are repeated over and over, while other questions seem to go unanswered no matter how you search for them.   

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Initial Testing with Microsoft SQL Server on Linux

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 8, 2017 6:31:00 AM / by Oliver Nelson posted in Databases

In March of 2016 Microsoft announced the imminent release of the first private preview of SQL Server on Linux. Now available to everyone as a Community Technology Preview (CTP), we've been testing out using our DataFlex and Btrieve drivers with SQL Server running on both Linux (Ubuntu/Red Hat/Suse) and macOS (macOS!).

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MS SQL Backup and Restore Strategies

[fa icon="calendar'] May 21, 2010 3:16:00 PM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc. posted in Databases


One of the most significant benefits of running MS SQL is the database recovery model. Your company’s information is its life-blood, and there are myriad methods to backup and preserve it. We will be discussing some basic techniques to preserve your data in a simple and efficient manner. We will not delve into Mirroring, Transaction Log Shipping or Replication; merely the actual backup of individual databases. The backup operations are dependent on the type of backup recovery model used.

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Multiple Embedded SQL Statements

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 30, 2009 5:31:00 PM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc. posted in Databases

While complex embedded SQL statements will let you do a lot of work in one statement, it is sometimes necessary to nest SQL statements to get the job done.

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Resources on Oracle's Best Practices

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 31, 2009 12:27:00 PM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc. posted in Databases

Oracle has created a site showing best practices for high availability.

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How and When To Use MS SQL Server Native Client

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 16, 2009 10:43:00 AM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc. posted in Databases

SQL Native Client can be used rather than Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) to create new applications or enhance existing applications that need to take advantage of new SQL Server 2005 features such as Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS), Query Notifications, User-Defined Types (UDT), and XML data type support.

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Using Oracle XE 10g Client

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 16, 2008 5:38:00 PM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc. posted in Databases

Oracle 10g XE Client is different from the client that XE server install for you, first of all with XE Client we don't get the same configurations files that we get in a XE server. No tnsnames.ora, you need to use another notation to connect to a remote server also the windows registry keys are stored in another Windows registry directory.

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[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 27, 2008 10:14:00 AM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc. posted in Databases

You must change the FD (field definition) files and insert the macro command.

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MySQL License Terms

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 25, 2008 4:27:00 PM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc. posted in Databases

MySQL has two different types of licensing agreements.

Open Source license (GNU) and the other more applicable to developers is their Commercial license. Below are excerpts from the MySQL documentation.

NOTE: Since Mertech’s drivers are not open source; anyone using our drivers along with MySQL must purchase a Commercial license.

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User Information from MySQL

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 25, 2008 3:50:00 PM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc. posted in Databases

This example returns user information from MySQL:

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